The Villagers who turn shopkeeper, landlord or postmaster.

Snow or rain, as winter weather tightens its grip upon Suffolk and Norfolk villages, communities inevitably close in. If some people worry about the potential loss of local amenities others decide to do something about it. The community takes on the challenge of becoming shopkeepers, landlords or postmasters.

The first community shop in Suffolk was set up Polstead in 1983, and was initially based in a caravan, before moving into a purpose built extension to the village hall three years later. The post office was also relocated there in 1999. It is run entirely by volunteers,


Trying out a Landmark

Rachel’s weekend at Freston Tower, Suffolk, a holiday home owned by the Landmark Trust. 
Left home at 4.06 and arrived at our Landmark Trust holiday home at 4.32. You do not need to travel far to have an adventure and escape the rat-race! This was the chance to stay in a six-storey Tudor tower, a folly I see every time I drive down the A14 and cross the River Orwell from my home in Felixstowe. In the sunshine Freston Tower stood silhouetted against a sparkling River Orwell…


A side of Sizewell that isn't so well-known.....

Most people hear the name “Sizewell" and just think of a nuclear power station but, as well as small village, one of the east coast’s hidden gems is also located there. Unless you have stayed there you have probably never heard of the Sizewell Hall Christian Conference Centre and Camp site, which opened forty years ago this summer.


Journeys of a Very Special Courier

When you have done 270 trips in seven years, and jump on a plane most weeks, you must know some airports and hotels very well. However, we are not talking about a high powered executive jetting off the business meetings, but a volunteer courier from Hadleigh in Suffolk, whose role is to collect donated bone marrow and return it safely, in a maximum of 72 hours, to a waiting patient in a UK hospital. 


Cruising the fjords with Fred.

For anyone in Suffolk or Norfolk who is new to cruising, a short cruise, from a local port, on an English-speaking ship is the ideal. For experienced cruisers wanting to see the drama and beauty of the Norwegian fjords, the ideal ship is a smaller Norwegian-owned ship where the officers know the area like the back of their hands. Amazingly it is possible to combine all of those requirements if you go on holiday aboard a Fred. Olsen ship. 



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