Getting on Your Bike in Norfolk and Suffolk

There is rarely a sunny weekend when you don't see lycra-clad cyclists peddling through the lanes of Norfolk and Suffolk. Amazingly, at one time a bike was just a cheap method of transport to get from home to school or work.

The West Suffolk Wheelers, the Bury St Edmunds based cycling club was formed in 1922, long before hydraulic disc road brakes and carbon wheels had been thought of. As their membership secretary, Peter Heath explained to me, cycle rides in 1922 were very different,


Open Water and Wild Swimming

Thousands of people in Britain claim that they swim regularly – but most of them probably do it in a heated, chlorinated swimming pool. A smaller, but growing, number enjoy their swimming in the seas, rivers and lakes of Suffolk and Norfolk. “Wild swimming”, as it is known, is nothing new. It was what our ancestors did in the days before the first swimming pool had been built.


Sea, Sand, Shingle and History... a Suffolk coastal landscape project.

Suffolk and Norfolk have benefited from many National Lottery grants and one, that focusses on the Suffolk coastline, is a project that is nearing its completion.

Touching the Tide received £1m (including some project development funding) to help to conserve and celebrate the heritage of the Suffolk coast.. The three year project’s aim was to raise awareness of coastal change, how it was a special place for wildlife, conservation and archaeology, and to find ways to help all interested groups to work together in the future.


The Perfect Wedding Venue

Whether planning a budget wedding or an extravaganza, the best people to ask what makes the perfect Big Day, are wedding professionals. They seem to agree that the most important part of the wedding is the venue…

“I would say don't do anything else until you have chosen your venue”, stressed Caroline Gould, award-winning wedding planner from Suffolk.


The Healing Power of Music

As a community choir member but definitely a non-musician, to find myself sitting at a keyboard, playing a duet, was not what I expected when I went to the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), at The Treehouse, in Ipswich.

I had gone to talk to Ray Travasso about his work as a music therapist, but he was proving to me that anyone can make music. As I pressed random black notes, a beautiful melody filled the room as Ray’s improvised accompaniment, turned my faltering first attempt at playing the piano into a moving and uplifting experience that actually sounded very good!


The Villagers who turn shopkeeper, landlord or postmaster.

Snow or rain, as winter weather tightens its grip upon Suffolk and Norfolk villages, communities inevitably close in. If some people worry about the potential loss of local amenities others decide to do something about it. The community takes on the challenge of becoming shopkeepers, landlords or postmasters.

The first community shop in Suffolk was set up Polstead in 1983, and was initially based in a caravan, before moving into a purpose built extension to the village hall three years later. The post office was also relocated there in 1999. It is run entirely by volunteers,


Trying out a Landmark

Rachel’s weekend at Freston Tower, Suffolk, a holiday home owned by the Landmark Trust. 
Left home at 4.06 and arrived at our Landmark Trust holiday home at 4.32. You do not need to travel far to have an adventure and escape the rat-race! This was the chance to stay in a six-storey Tudor tower, a folly I see every time I drive down the A14 and cross the River Orwell from my home in Felixstowe. In the sunshine Freston Tower stood silhouetted against a sparkling River Orwell…



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