Horses in Suffolk

For many of us the closest we will get to a horse or pony will be when we admire them cantering in the Grand Ring at the Royal Norfolk or the Suffolk Show, or when we have a day out and visit somewhere like the Suffolk Punch Trust or the Newmarket Stud. 

Anyone can admire the power, beauty and grace of a horse without understanding anything about the responsibilities of owning a horse, or the pleasure of riding one. Indeed, the prevailing opinion seems to be that it is a very expensive hobby, so you must be rich to have horses!


The cameras in the sky

Thousands were given as Christmas gifts in 2016, but the headlines are mainly negative about high flying cameras, mounted on drones. They seem to be  mainly about aircraft near-misses, accidents, loss of privacy and irresponsible “pilots”. However, there is rarely a television news report or newspaper article that isn’t illustrated with spectacular aerial pictures. Where once an expensive helicopter would be needed, now producers and editors can get stunning aerial images much cheaper, by using a drone camera.


Suffolk Sounds, violin makers

When we listen to the beautiful sound of a violin not many of us would give a thought to where the instrument was made. In a cottage surrounded by apple trees, at Thornham Magna, near Eye in Suffolk, married couple Sylvie and James Fawcett , have been making beautiful hand-crafted violins and violas (and even the occasional cello) for over thirty years.

James was a Suffolk-born viola player, before he decided to study at the Newark School of Violin Making,


Autumn and Winter Walks

Crunching through the fallen leaves, dressed in boots and scarves, the sun’s rays filtering through the branches of the trees, is the perfect way to spend a couple of hours. With so many lovely walks to choose from in Suffolk and Norfolk, Rachel Sloane decided to ask some experts for their suggestions…..

Visit Suffolk

“I have chosen the Gainsborough Trail Meadow Walk in Sudbury.


Baking Stars of Norfolk and Suffolk

Last year the final of the BBC TV series The Great British Bake Off was watched by 7.2 million people. Currently showing on BBC One, and in its seventh series, it is a programme that has inspired many men, women and children to put on aprons, stock up on flour, eggs, butter and icing sugar, and start creating cakes, gateaux and scones. So who are some of the “star bakers” in Suffolk and Norfolk, who also willingly share their expertise with novices and improvers? 


Fishing... and not for compliments

The unknown family arrived on the seafront in Felixstowe, set off purposefully down the beach with their folding chairs and rods and then sat contentedly in a row facing the sea, waiting for their first bite of the day. 

Usually it is older men, occasionally accompanied by a teenager or two, who sit with a flask and a sandwich, fishing on a beach, riverbank or lake. So what is the attraction of the sport, and what is the difference between fishing on a river or lake and from a beach? 


Getting on Your Bike in Norfolk and Suffolk

There is rarely a sunny weekend when you don't see lycra-clad cyclists peddling through the lanes of Norfolk and Suffolk. Amazingly, at one time a bike was just a cheap method of transport to get from home to school or work.

The West Suffolk Wheelers, the Bury St Edmunds based cycling club was formed in 1922, long before hydraulic disc road brakes and carbon wheels had been thought of. As their membership secretary, Peter Heath explained to me, cycle rides in 1922 were very different,



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