Trendy Knitting

Victoria from Cafe Knit in Lavenham

When I was a child, growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, it seemed that every woman was knitting. The click of the pins would be heard on buses, in the doctor’s waiting room and even at church meetings. Girls (and knitting was usually a female occupation) was one of those things that mothers taught their daughters. Many of us also spent hours with arms outstretched, as our mothers wound skeins of wool into balls - often after an old cardigan had been unpicked and washed, for the wool to be reused.


Shaken not Stirred

Bob Scott from Niche Cocktails

Think of cocktails and you may get the image of James Bond and his martinis or the Great Gatsby, flappers and the Charleston. With names like “Taquila Sunrise” and “Sex on the Beach” cocktails in the 21st century conjure up glamorous red carpet parties, riotous hen-nights or the world of luxury cruise-ships.



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