An evening with....three athletic stars

To celebrate the arrival of the Women's Tour of Britain in Felixstowe, come and meet three British sporting heroes!

The Alex in Felixstowe is hosting a special "Evening with..." event on Tuesday 29th April, featuring Helen Wyman, Louise Jukes and Jasmin Taylor - and tickets are available now. Rachel Sloane, broadcaster, writer and Felixstowe resident, will chair the evening and lead the question-time session. 



Review of Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley, performed by Framlingham Amateur Dramatic Society

1-4 April, Headmaster Porter Theatre, Framlingham College
Although I always enjoy meeting up with the FADS team I must admit the play they had chosen for their spring production didn’t really inspire me. Written in 1923, it has been staged thousands of times and I had seen it performed professionally and by amateurs.  Unless FADS Director, Anthony Lawrence, had completely rethought the production and used projection, unusual staging or something, what could yet another Ghost Train possibly offer an audience that they hadn’t seen before?


The Inside Story of the Radio Phone-in.....

They are a bit like Marmite. You either love radio phone-ins … or hate them. Listening to a phone-in can be riveting, so much so that, when you arrive at your destination, you have to remain by your car radio and listen to the very end. Equally, callers to a phone-in can confirm all your preconceptions about the ignorance or prejudices of some of the population!


Spring Cleaning 2014 style

Spring Cleaning 2014 style.
In my experience, few things give a better sense of achievement than a couple of hours turning out a cupboard, deciding what needs to be kept and what can be safely be discarded. It may be a shed with tools tidily stored or a kitchen unit with dusty herbs discarded. This is sad to admit, but I usually have to open the door a few times over the next day or so just to enjoy the sight of my successful labours. (Well, it has usually taken many months for me to find the time to do the job at all!)



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