Anglia Business Spotlight (formerly Stir it and Stump It)

Ipswich and Suffolk Small Business Association Invitation: Thursday October 17th 2013 6.30pm-9.30pm at Belstead Brook Hotel, Ipswich (refreshments included).

Stir It and Stump It has been one of ISSBA’s flagship events for many years and was always one of our most popular – this year however this we have decided to give the event a dramatic makeover and re-named it The Anglia Business Spotlight. We have also changed the format and instead of individual presentations 8 businesses will be interviewed by broadcaster,  Rachel Sloane, freelance broadcaster with BBC Radio Suffolk.


The Rock in the Sea

Approaching The Rock on board the cruise ship, Balmoral

Most people approach Gibraltar from mainland Spain but with the recent border dispute making that a slow and tedious business, arriving by sea is far easier - and more dramatic. Escorted by leaping dolphins, playing and racing in the wake of your cruise ship, from sixty miles away the enormous rock that is the British territory of Gibraltar, soars up from the sea.


Review of Our House, New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

The pop group Madness were at the height of chart fame in the late 1970's and 1980's and it is easy  to forget just how good their music is. The high energy numbers like Our House and I Like Driving in My Car are sure-fire sing-along numbers, but more thoughtful numbers, that were never such big hits, are long forgotten by most people. That isn't true any longer for anyone who has been to the New Wolsey Theatre to see their production of “Our House”, soon to go on tour.


Media Training Workshops (Radio and TV)

Media Training Workshops (Radio and TV)
The Suffolk Food Hall, Wherstead, Ipswich, IP9 2AB
Tuesday 29th October 2013
This is a bespoke media training course led by experienced broadcaster, Rachel Sloane, and will include individual coaching, interview practice and feedback.  The day will be split into two sessions, with the morning (10am to 1pm) focussing on radio interviews and the afternoon (2pm to 5pm) on TV.


Nina Finds a Niche

Angry about abusive social media messages? Worried about elderly parents needing a care home? Looking for ideas of places to go and things to do now that teenage children have fled the nest?
Young mothers discuss the important issues in their lives via websites such as  Now there is a website aimed at a slightly older and perhaps more sophisticated  woman – and it was the idea of a Suffolk-based businesswoman, Nina Finbow, mother of three adult daughters.

Review of Come and Sing Oliver! Snape Proms

Singing makes you feel good. I can’t tell you why but, whether it is singing  to songs on the radio or (in my case) when I go to Felixstowe Community Choir each Monday to sing with a crowd of other people, my heart lifts, a smile comes on my face and the world seems a brighter place. That could be why the sing-along events at Snape Proms are so popular. The first one was last year and featured The Sound of Music. I missed it, so was determined to make it this year to Come and Sing Oliver!


Review of the Poetry Prom 2013, Snape Maltings Concert Hall

Two poets that made us laugh and one that made us think.
Naomi Jaffa, Director of the Poetry Trust, pointed out, in her welcome to the Poetry Prom 2013 at Snape Maltings Concert Hall, that we were the biggest poetry audience outside of London. She described the poets that were to read for us: Wendy Cope (“funny and serious at the same time”), David Constantine, (“speaks to heads, hearts and humanity”) and Kay Ryan, (“has always been economical; less is always more”).  


Review of Flavia Coelho, Snape Proms

Imagine a young Tina Turner in skin tight golden leggings and black halter-neck top emerging, with a sexy flicking of her hips, from a cloud of dry ice into the spot-lit stage. Not Tina Turner of course, but a Brazilian rock chic who then starts singing and dancing the samba!  Now you have a little idea of what the Snape Proms audience experienced when Flavia Coelho and her band brought their raunchy mix of samba, bossa nova, raga and hip-hop to the stage. 


Review of Jaleo Flamenco, Snape Proms

First a confession. I know nothing about the traditions and technicalities of flamenco. The other time I have seen it performed was on a holiday in Seville several years ago. But the movements, stamping, clapping and music (and the heat) all left a huge impression upon me.
The great thing about Snape Proms is that every year Aldeburgh Music brings to Suffolk, as part of the festival, musical genres that may be unfamiliar and give audience members a chance to try out something new.

Diary of The Cruise: A Life at Sea- Dubai to Southampton

Day 90: Dubai 26°
As Rachael Jackson, Fred.Olsen's PR manager, hadn’t disembarked when we arrived from the UK, we all dashed around the ship meeting key people on board.  Jetlagged, I promptly forgot just about everyone but luckily Kevin has a much better memory for faces. Then we were on our own to supervise a film crew!
Day 91: At sea, from midday. 36°



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