The Cruise: A Life at Sea

Rev Colin Still being filmed by BBC

PR Assignment April 2013 latest:
Look out for 'The Cruise: A Life at Sea', a six-week series that started on BBC2, Tuesday 9th July 2013, 8.30pm.  'Balmoral' was on her longest-ever 'World Cruise' earlier this year and viewers will find out what life is like for the Chaplain on board, Reverend Colin Still, exploring the globe and discovering his 'parish at sea'. Meet the guests and crew, visit 33 stunning destinations and cross three oceans during this amazing 112-night odyssey!


Suffolk Business Exhibition 1 May 2013

Report for ISSBA Newsletter, May 2013:
Aching feet, a hoarse voice and a facial expression stuck permanently in a smile. Yes, the Suffolk Business Exhibition (SBE) is over for another year. Hopefully your pile of business cards, new contacts  and possible leads,  mean that the hours standing by your stand or walking up and down the aisles were worth any suffering!


Saddle Up for Summer.

As small sun-shaped symbols hopefully appear on the weather forecasters maps, many people will remember the sporting summer of 2012 and decide they really should head outdoors and take up a sport. Perhaps cycling?  Riding a bike could help you to get fit, save you money and enable you to enjoy the towns and countryside of Suffolk and Norfolk from a new perspective.


Humbug, by the Performing Arts students, Suffolk New College

19 December 2012.

A cast of over 100 dancers and actors need a lot of organisation, and the challenge is even more daunting if there isn’t access to a large theatre or performance space.  These disadvantages were turned into a positive advantage by Suffolk New College Performing Arts students and their performance of Humbug, a retelling of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. The imaginative use of various studios and rooms at the college meant that the audience went on a journey with Scrooge as he visited episodes from his life, past, present and future. 


Review of Out of Sight- Out of Murder by Framlingham Amateur Dramatic Society, 31 October 2012

30 October – 3 November 2012 at Headmaster Porter Theatre, Framingham College.

Murder mysteries of a certain era usually have a standard cast of characters: the elderly spinster, the romantic hero, innocent heroine, the sexy vamp, a ditsy maid, a solicitor to read the will and a pompous butler “who done it” (or may have).

Authors always say that their characters take on a life of their own when they start writing a story…. But what if they really did come to life and want to take over the action?


Review of The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, The New Wolsey Theatre. 16 October 2012

They were the sort of conversations you’d hear on any street corner where teenagers congregate.  A mixture of jostling, bravado, flirting, a bit of swearing and plenty of “Innits”, and expressions like “it’s sick, man”.  

This play was an adaptation and updating, by Roy William, of The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner , a short story about class and criminal justice system , by Alan Sillitoe.   Watching, the dialogue, costumes and attitudes were so realistic, you forgot this was a theatre and that it was young actors performing a script on a stage.


A new Community Choir for the Felixstowe area.

Singing pop and songs from musicals, a new mixed adult choir started singing in the Spa Pavilion lounge on Monday 15 October 2012. Over 30 singers (men and women aged over 18) are now attending on Monday evenings. Music included the Beatles, Fiddler on the Roof and Adele and you can follow the choir on Twitter: @felixcommchoir. 

The new website for the choir is now live:



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