Review of The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, The New Wolsey Theatre. 16 October 2012

They were the sort of conversations you’d hear on any street corner where teenagers congregate.  A mixture of jostling, bravado, flirting, a bit of swearing and plenty of “Innits”, and expressions like “it’s sick, man”.  

This play was an adaptation and updating, by Roy William, of The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner , a short story about class and criminal justice system , by Alan Sillitoe.   Watching, the dialogue, costumes and attitudes were so realistic, you forgot this was a theatre and that it was young actors performing a script on a stage.


A new Community Choir for the Felixstowe area.

Singing pop and songs from musicals, a new mixed adult choir started singing in the Spa Pavilion lounge on Monday 15 October 2012. Over 30 singers (men and women aged over 18) are now attending on Monday evenings. Music included the Beatles, Fiddler on the Roof and Adele and you can follow the choir on Twitter: @felixcommchoir. 

The new website for the choir is now live:


Review of The Ugly Duckling at New Wolsey Studio, 15 September 2012


Two actors, lots of props and a well-known tale: the perfect combination for a very young audience, from Kipper Tie Theatre.

Four year old Bethany and  I went to see The Ugly Duckling at the New Wolsey Studio in Ipswich. At just under one hour’s length,  it  kept the audience (including  parents and grandparents ) amused and happy with jokes, songs and a story of the ugly duckling gradually turning into a swan (with the help of some impressive white feathers).


Review of The British Paraorchestra at Snape Proms, 25 August 2012


With the Paralympic Flame arriving at Snape in the afternoon, expectations were high for this concert.  The British Paraorchestra was set up by well-known conductor Charles Hazelwood who, as a father of a six year old daughter with cerebral palsy, he realised that if sport could embrace people with disabilities then so should orchestras. Travelling the world, he realised that he came across few professional musicians with disabilities and decided, in the year of the London Olympics and Paralympics, to do something about it,


Review of The Wedding Singer at The Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe. 22 August 2012


Never having been to one of the Summer Youth Projects productions at the Spa Pavilion in Felixstowe, but knowing that it involved a group of  I0 to 23 year olds who rehearse and present a musical over just two weeks,  I was prepared to give it a go but held no great hopes, especially of a musical that we didn’t know and that had no familiar songs. What a mistake I made! 


Revealing the secrets of Suffolk’s medieval churches

What is that shadow on the wall? Why is that pillar a different shape to the others? Could that door be a secret passage? 
Every June the historian, Clive Paine, is “Let Loose” on a few of Suffolk’s wonderful medieval churches. The first evening has taken place and there are two more to go – and they are open to all.  



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