Review of Once, at the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

The cast of Once. Photographer: Mike Kwasniak

Once – New Wolsey 6-22 September 2018

Once started life as a very successful film, a love story set in Dublin, of two musicians, one about to give up on his singer-songwriting dreams, and the other, a Czech flower-seller, mother of one. Calling them “Guy” and “Girl” was supposed to signify that they could be any couple, in any city.


Following the plaques

When wandering the streets of our towns it is amazing what you discover if you just look up. Often modern shop plate-glass windows and automatic doors are topped by Georgian roof lines or Tudor windows, giving us clues to the history and previous incarnations of the buildings. Sometimes a plaque on a wall reveals that someone of eminence lived, died or worked there. You can see plaques on buildings across Suffolk and Norfolk, in Felixstowe, Bury St Edmunds, Kings Lynn, Gt.


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