3 January 2012

When the hammer comes down….

By Rachel Sloane

We have seen them on the television and whether it is property, antiques or even the junk in our attics, an auction appears to be an easy way to sell something – or find a bargain.

With so many auction houses in Suffolk and Norfolk what is the advice to newcomers from the experts? What is the appeal of an auction… and what are the pitfalls to avoid?

Antiques, household, collectables and object-d’art:

Suffolk-based James Fletcher worked in auction houses for nearly fifty years and is now a freelance Chartered Arts and Antiques Surveyor.  

“If you watch an auction I guarantee you’ll be hooked. You’ll be on a high!” he laughed, with a gleam in his eye. “If you don’t want to get excited, don’t go to an auction is my advice.”

So how is the best way to get started?

“Just go along to an auction and watch to see how it works. After all it costs nothing to attend,” he reassured.


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