11 July 2021

Book review: So Many Ways of Loving by Christine Webber

By Rachel Sloane

This book is perfect if you are a woman of a certain age, especially one who is facing a new life alone for any reason. Christine Webber has written a very readable story about three women in their fifties and sixties who are at the crossroads in their lives, and tells how their new friendship creates opportunities, challenges and yes, love.

Women are often very good at making friends and supporting each other through the inevitable ups and downs, and that is the core of the story of Lucy, Monica and Jen… and Helen, a counsellor, who also becomes involved in their story. 

Monica is married but when she discovers her husband has had a long- term affair sees the opportunity to begin again and rekindle an old flame, Jen is newly widowed with adult step-children who offer her the chance of a new life and Lucy, after a lifetime of enjoying sexual freedom, is facing health issues without her regular menfriends. The women meet when they volunteer at an arts centre, and we share the ten months of change they face. 

Christine Webber is an experienced author and psychotherapist, and I smiled when, like her, Helen is revealed to have been a television presenter before her change of career. The other nod to real life is Hoagy, a miniature schnauzer, who has a role in Jen’s new life, and is pictured on the book’s cover. 

With interesting and varied female characters and a celebration of friendship, this is a book  I enjoyed reading… and now keep wondering ‘what happened to them next?’  Always a good sign! It also made me remember why I value my female friends so much…