Pluck'n'Squeeze folk dance band
2 November 2011

Music with added Oomph

By Rachel Sloane

You might see them performing at a wedding, beer festival or barn dance…. and the Sloane family and friends can testify that they made one particular “big birthday” go with a swing when all ages were up and dancing at the ceilidh, organised at a Suffolk venue, for the occasion.

Pluck 'n' Squeeze describe themselves as “a raucous, fun loving acoustic Folk Dance Band” and, although based in Stowmarket in Suffolk, perform across the region.

“Our music is lively and full of "umph". We play a variety of traditional English, Scottish, Irish and American tunes, although we'll use anything for a dance tune as long as it makes you want to grab someone and bounce around the room with them,” laughed Maggie Moore, who plays melodeon, piano -accordion, hammered dulcimer and piano.

Originally Pluck ’n’ Squeeze were a duo comprised of Maggie and Stan Bloor, and they still perform regularly under that name,

“We only started the barn dance band because my sister needed a band to perform at a Save the Children event in Snape,” explained Maggie. “I asked my son to join us, and Jill came along too. It was only supposed to be for the one night!”

Between them Maggie, Stan, Jim Moore and Jill Jennings play a variety of instruments including a melodeon, piano-accordion, fiddle and ukulele banjo, six and twelve string guitars, ukulele, and banjo.

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