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21 April 2014

Review of “Nine Daies Wonder”

Snape Maltings Concert Hall. 21 April 2014 It isn’t often you go to a world famous concert hall and are met in the car park by musicians and black-faced Morris dancers with bells on their legs and sticks in their hands!   That was the “warm-up act” at Snape Maltings Concert Hall when Aldeburgh Music put on the premier of Nine Daies Wonder, the story […]

30 August 2013

Review of Come and Sing Oliver! Snape Proms

Singing makes you feel good. I can’t tell you why but, whether it is singing  to songs on the radio or (in my case) when I go to Felixstowe Community Choir each Monday to sing with a crowd of other people, my heart lifts, a smile comes on my face and the world seems a brighter place. That could be why the sing-along events at […]

20 August 2013

Review of Flavia Coelho, Snape Proms

Imagine a young Tina Turner in skin tight golden leggings and black halter-neck top emerging, with a sexy flicking of her hips, from a cloud of dry ice into the spot-lit stage. Not Tina Turner of course, but a Brazilian rock chic who then starts singing and dancing the samba!  Now you have a little idea of what the Snape Proms audience experienced when Flavia […]

2 August 2013

Review of Celebrating Sinatra, John Wilson Orchestra

Snape Proms, 1 August 2013 It was the hottest evening of the summer so far with the temperatures outside Snape Maltings Concert Hall over 30 degrees. Inside it was about to get hotter, with the opening of Snape Proms 2013, featuring the best orchestra playing  non-classical music that I have ever heard;  In the jam-packed hall expectations were high as the John Wilson Orchestra tuned […]

26 August 2012

Review of The British Paraorchestra at Snape Proms, 25 August 2012

  With the Paralympic Flame arriving at Snape in the afternoon, expectations were high for this concert.  The British Paraorchestra was set up by well-known conductor Charles Hazelwood who, as a father of a six year old daughter with cerebral palsy, he realised that if sport could embrace people with disabilities then so should orchestras. Travelling the world, he realised that he came across few […]

24 August 2012

Review of Carminho at Snape Proms, 17 August 2012

Temperatures had soared to make it the hottest week for years and Snape was steaming in the evening sun – and inside Snape Maltings Concert Hall the audience were transported to a sultry Portugal. Once again Snape Proms had brought something musically very different to Suffolk, a top fado singer. Maria do Carmo Carvalho Rebelo de Andrade, known as  Carminho, came with her  traditional Portugese […]