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1 November 2013

Review of “Third Week in August”, Framlingham Amateur Dramatic Society

30th October – 2nd November 2013. Anyone who is a fan of caravan holidays will enjoy the latest production by Framlingham  Amateur Dramatic Society (FADS), but anyone who has had one such vacation and vowed never to return, will probably enjoy Third Week in August, by Peter Gordon, even more.   Overlooking the beach, the grassy cliff-top caravan site is where Neville (played by Peter […]

3 June 2013

Review of “Blue Remembered Hills”, Framlingham Amateur Dramatic Society

29 May -1 June 2013, Headmaster Porter Theatre, Framlingham College How dramatically childhood has changed in just a couple of generations! Can you imagine seven children in 2013 playing together without a computer game, mobile phone or reference to a TV programme or celebrity? What children would now be allowed to play in woods, unaccompanied by an adult, and armed with catapults, matches and knives? […]